Dear Health Care Professionals,

If You Are Selected To Be A Participant In Our Beyond 1% Elite Mastermind Training Program, it Could Shift The Trajectory Of Your Business And Income For The Rest Of Your Life!

As you may already be aware, the top 1% of Physical Therapists in this country have to work 8 to 10 years in a very demanding schedule to build a practice that generates between $150,000 to $250,000 in income for the owner. But we have helped Physical Therapists join the top 1% in a fraction of that time. We are going to select some high achievers from this event for our coaching program that is already helping others launch their career at a rapid pace!

The Beyond 1% Elite Mastermind Is Designed To Help You Grow Your Income While Increasing Your Time Off Regardless Of Whether You Are Just Getting Started, Have A Struggling Practice, Or Even A Thriving Practice. If You Are Selected For This Program It Could Be The Ultimate Game Changer For Your Business And Your Life!

This Program Is Different Than All My Other Programs!

Phase #1: BYOA Bootcamp

Build Your Own Audience

We will teach you how to PROPERLY build the foundation of your new business or existing business by building an audience of raving fans for whom you will be their trusted advisor! During this first phase, you will focus on mastering the fundamentals of direct marketing for your brick and mortar and/or online business.  We will focus our efforts on crafting and

enhancing your message to the masses. We will help you create and expand your BIG 45, add more traffic sources for more people to find you, and establish your brand so people can view you as an expert in your respective field.


Phase #2: Communication to Cash Flow

After you have built your audience as the foundation of your business, we will focus our efforts on crafting and enhancing your communication with that audience in a way that will maximize your ability to monetize your expertise in a way that serves your audience at the highest possible level.


Phase #3: Operation Launch

This phase is all about optimization of all of your assets for maximum leverage in the marketplace.  In this phase you will work closer with all of your coaches to get the maximum result from all of your marketing assets. This phase is designed to teach you how to tweak all of your digital and offline assets to produce the maximum result for your business.


How Big Is Your Ambition?

If you are selected for this program, you will have the opportunity to work with Coach Greg Todd and the coaches that he has selected to help you get the greatest benefit from this program! Students in this program are 25 times more likely to surpass the top 1% of Physical Therapist in the entire industry.

While we cannot guarantee that anyone will be successful and past results do not equal future guarantees, we will do everything in our power to assist you as we have others in developing a successful online and offline business in healthcare. 

If you are one of the fortunate practitioners that are selected to work with us, we want you to know that you must do the work, be coachable and available for you to achieve success.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll experience during the


12 live trainings on how building the foundation of your new business or existing business.

During this first phase, you will focus on mastering the fundamentals of direct marketing for your brick and mortar and/or online business, building your digital assets (books, courses, video series) and creating your first product to sell to your patients.


We’ve found that the biggest problems in getting to the next level has less to do with technical abilities and more to do with your mindset and confidence. Here we will master how to understand yourself and understand others as you build your team.


One of the most profitable things an entrepreneur can do when growing their business, is to create a rock solid marketing process for all current and future products. We will provide you with a talented team to help with copy design, tech, video, and content production.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll experience during the

Now that we have started the process to building your dream audience that you want to serve, we will now teach you how to build the digital assets (books, courses, video series, coaching programs and/or membership sites) so that you can start to create and monetize with sustainable products and services.


As part of Beyond 1%, you’ll get access to Will and Alex's brand spanking new step-by-step manual!

It’s got all your checklists, post templates, offer creation worksheets, sales scripts and messaging hacks that you’ll be using to measure your progress as YOU launch!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll experience during the

In this phase, our customized coaching, events and individualized attention will help you tweak parts of your process and optimize your people, product, process to  maximum leverage in the marketplace. In this phase you will work closer with all of your coaches to get the maximum result from all of your marketing assets.


The Events

  • Messaging Mastery - Clearwater, FL
  • Project 2020 - Orlando, FL.
  • International Caribbean Mastermind - Jamaica
  • SSPT Live 2020 Mastermind -Orlando, FL.

Here’s A Recap On What You'll Get...

Here’s everything that’s included during the course of the 12 months:

  • Passion Into Profits 12 week online course that walks you step by step through building an online platform. 
  • Patient Converter
  • Health E-O Training Program
  • BYOA Master Training Program
  • 12 Hours of Performance/Focus Coaching
  • The entire Kajabi Platform included to create your membership sites, courses, sales pages and training platforms!
  • 8 30minute calls with Greg via individual via private zoom conferences, to set up your business platform.
  • An Online Private Mastermind Group - you will get exclusive access to the group’s Facebook Private Members Group, enabling you to share information and network with other likeminded members, 24/7 (note: this is not a "FREE" Facebook group like so many others – it is by invitation only and for Greg's highest level clients only)…
  • 120 hours of pre-paid access to Smart Virtual Staff, Greg and Louise's Virtual Assistant Marketing Agency for help with things like editing your videos for your courses or marketing, help with Facebook Ads, setting up your email and messaging platforms, retargeting set up (this will put an end to your tech overwhelm and allow you to implement the things you have learned immediately)
  • 30 minute private consultation with Lackman & Company Associates (Greg’s personal accountants) on how to properly setup your online business for tax purposes.
  • Full Access to “Testimonial That Convert Program” Course created by Ken Kerry (CEO of Script to Screen - 8 figure marketing agency that has created over $5 billion in sales for his customers) 1 hour private group coaching with Ken Kerry on helping you get your course to sell using his proven testimonial techniques.
  • Messaging Mastery Live Event (Clearwater, Florida)
  • International Carribean Mastermind Event
  • 1 ticket to SSPT Live Mastermind Retreat (May 20-21) and SSPT Live 2020 in Orlando (May 22-25) 


$30K Worth of Bonuses

  • 120 Pre-Paid Hours of Your Digital Dream Team
  • Kajabi Growth Plan Exclusively for the Beyond 1% Club
  • 2 websites, hosting included, Unlimited Marketing Emails, 15 digital products, 10,000 active members.
  • HIPPA Compliant Telehealth Platform with messaging capabilities
  • SSPT Ambassador Program
  • Smart Success Private Practice 
  • 100% Affiliate for Rehab2Rx
  • Myron Golden’s Live Event 
  • 2 Tickets to SSPT Live 2020



And, Perhaps the Most Important Business Insurance Policy
You Will Ever Own:

* ‘911’  Access to Greg and his team - if a major problem, challenge or issue comes up, contact Greg directly on his cell. This is the most important business insurance policy you can ever own.

Your Investment for The 12 Month Program

This 12 Month Program is only for people who are serious about adding a minimum $100,000+ to their income.

For those who join, this experience will completely revamp how your business is run in the next 12 months. Given that I'm revealing everything that has taken me 13 years to acquire - this program could easily be priced at over $155,000.

Polite Warning: There IS HIGH DEMAND for this Program and we only make enrollment available if and when a spot in the group opens up.



Here’s 10 Things That Will Happen To You As A Result Of Your Participation in Greg Todd's Business Success Mastermind Program…

  1. You’ll own a profitable business (…one that you can come back to as you left it when you leave town for an extended vacation with the family)
  2. You will implement higher prices and make more profit from doing so… 80% profit margins… (no 5%-20% profit margins like traditional businesses)
  3. You’ll know what it takes to grow and scale in an online based mode.
  4. You’ll know how to recognize when things are going WRONG in your business – so you can address it there and then and before it affects your bottom line…
  5. You’ll discover the one or two big decisions that you need to make next to hit your financial and lifestyle goals faster…
  6. You’ll learn how to move away from being a "practitioner" and doing everything - to becoming an “online business owner" and delegating more effectively to your team (Note: you’ll need a strong mindset needed to be successful in your new role and we’ll work on this as well)…
  7. You’ll have your online staff turned into ASSETS - and have them pick up most of the workload for you…
  8. You’ll turn your business into a long term, real wealth creator for you and your family (finances and money are a huge part of the curriculum…)
  9. You’ll develop the courage that is needed to make the big decisions that only comes from being in a community of likeminded business owners who understand the struggles that you are going through…
  10. And ultimately, you will achieve an online biz that does great work for it’s clients, provides a healthy and happy place to work for your online staff - and, you’ll own something that you and your family will be proud of that makes you the level of take home pay you deserve…



If You Are Easily Offended By Talking About Money and Profit – Please Do Not Apply

I need to tell you this upfront – and we make ZERO apologies for it...

There is a huge focus on "mindset" – and shifting the way that you currently think about "profit" and "success". You will develop what I call the "Millionaire Mindset" – the type of thinking that is needed if you want to bust through your income ceiling and into the next bracket. You will NEED to break your money thermostat, and understand that money is just a by-product of the amount of people you help, and it allows you to grow and help others. 

I know that money is a "taboo" subject in the healthcare field - and yet it is the one thing that makes running a business and being able to give back to your patients – and achieve lifestyle freedom - easier.

If you are offended at the talk of "money" and making "more profit" – then please do not apply. You will hate this program. And that’s because we will frequently challenge you to do things like raise your rates and find more take-home profit in your business.

As an added bonus, you’ll learn how to stop worrying about being judged or concerned about what others think about you - and you’ll soon discover how to become more decisive with decisions when it comes to important things like raising your rates, dropping insurance companies or firing un-productive staff.




Enrollment in the Mastermind Program is Strictly by Application Only… 
Here’s Who Should Apply:

Acceptance is by application only and following a pre-qualification telephone call with me (to ensure that your business will be successful by joining this program). You should apply if:

  • You want to be able to grow and scale your business without having to be there every day – more profit, less work
  • You want to own an online business that lets you leave town for a few days – and come back to it as you left it (..and without worry or stress getting in the way!)
  • You want to develop your MINDSET - as you know that is what is currently holding you back from the growth and profit you deserve…
  • You want to know how to become more decisive in the big decisions that as a Business Owner you need to make…(i.e. hiring, firing, raising rates, scaling your traditional or online business…)
  • You want to focus more on leveraging strategies as that’s where the highest profit is these days and want to learn from others already doing it successfully…
  • You’re already working hard – but you’re not 100% sure if what you are working hard on, is actually going to help you hit your goals…(do you want to be busy or productive?)
  • You are fed up of dabbling in the game of business – and you know that real success comes only from total immersion in the right material and surrounding yourself with the right group of people…
  • You are already an abundant person – and know that more profit and more money means you can do more good things for the people around you…
  • You realize that you need to know about "online marketing", "online sales", "online operations",and "finance" at an advanced level if your PT business is to ever reach its full potential…

If you think any of those describes you, and think you are a good fit for the program, then please click the RED button below to submit your Appropriateness Application form:

We will be going through the replies to this invitation in the order in which they are received, so please let us know you would like to join me in the program by clicking the button below now.

Thank you,

I look forward to reviewing your application.

Greg Todd


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